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Del. Glen Glass Addresses TSA Pat-Down Searches In 4 Bills

BALTIMORE (WJZ)-- A lawmaker is hoping to force a change in the way passengers at BWI are screened by security.

As Mike Schuh reports, he's upset about the controversial pat-down searches.

At BWI, Judy Majorfox is at the beginning of her journey to California. First stop: Security.

Schuh: "If you had your druthers, would you have a pat-down or no pat-down?"
Majorfox: "No pat-down."

Yes, she wants a safe plane...and security to keep their hands off.

"Well, you know there's machinery now that can do that for you," Majorfox said.

But there are times, TSA says, a pat-down is necessary.

"We've got a bunch of machinery, there's no reason we've got to be touched," Majorfox said.

In Annapolis:

"I don't think we should let people stick their hands down their pants," Del. Glen Glass, R-District 34A (Cecil and Harford Counties), said.

Glass has introduced four bills concerning TSA searches.

"Keep their hands off us. I don't think they have a right to search us without probable cause," he said.

But those who disagree with the delegate say a pat-down is the price of admission, another tool to keep that airliner safe.

"I think if you've got nothing to hide, it shouldn't be a big issue," Mike Aquino, a frequent air traveler, said.

Aquino lives in Atlanta but commutes to Baltimore every week.

"As a 2 million-miler on Delta, I worry about that stuff all the time," he said. "I think it's the price of freedom."

Hearings on the first two bills will be held in Annapolis in two weeks. Similar bills have also been introduced in the Alaska legislature.

A TSA spokesman told WJZ it does not comment on pending legislation.

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