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Couple Mauled By Pit Bull Both Recovering From Surgery

GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJZ) -- A couple, viciously attacked in their home by a pit bull, is now out of the hospital.

Rochelle Ritchie spoke with family members, who say the injuries were so severe, both needed surgery.

The couple was dog-sitting the pit bull, which is said to belong to one of their children. The dog is now dead and the couple is recovering at home.

On the bottom floor of an apartment building in Glen Burnie, a husband and wife are tending to their brutal wounds after being attacked by a pit bull.

"You hear about pit bulls a lot and all, but I didn't know the dog, so it's just sad that it happens," said Sarah Jiunta, victim's niece.

Family members spoke to WJZ outside the couple's home, telling us the bites tore and shred their skin.

Ritchie: "Did it tear tendons or muscle?"

"Yes, he said they were just hanging out," said Sandy Jiunta, victim's sister.

The aftermath of the attack left a bloody scene.

"The dog had his hand in his mouth. He tried to muzzle the dog and the dog just continued to bite him and bite his arms up," said witness, Andrea Barnard.

Witnesses say the dog chased the 57-year-old back to his building. His wife--the dog's next target.

"Her arm was wide open. One of her arms was wide open. He had gotten both of her arms," a witness said.

Police were called and found the couple bleeding from severe dog bites.

The dog tried to attack the 53-year-old woman again, but was tased by officers and died.

Pit bull owners in this apartment complex say they were stunned by the attack, and say unfortunately, incidents like this only support the stereotype surrounding pit bulls.

Courtney Lescallett says her nine-month-old pit bull has always been gentle with family, and what happened a few doors down doesn't change her perception of her own dog, Scar.

"I know I will never give him up ever because we've never had any trouble with him. People always say, 'they're dangerous, they're dangerous.' All dogs are dangerous if you don't take care of them correctly," Lescallett said.

The couple did not want to be interviewed. No word if any charges will be filed.

The pit bull was between two and three-years-old.

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