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Community Remembers Slain Church Employee Evelyn Player At Viewing

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- It's been two weeks since 69-year-old Evelyn Player was found stabbed inside her place of worship, Southern Baptist Church on N. Chester Street in East Baltimore.

On Tuesday, Baltimore City police said a person of interest in the case did not pan out to be a suspect. A department spokesperson said detectives are still in the East Baltimore neighborhood conducting investigations as they continue to try to solve this murder.

"We still are working to identify that suspect and that's where we are," said Det. Donny Moses. "Detectives are reviewing video footage of foot traffic going to and from the location, they are knocking on doors, they're running back through alleys to see if they can find evidence that would help us to identify the actual suspect."

As the community waits for answers, scores of people attended a viewing at March Funeral Home on E. North Avenue in Baltimore on Tuesday.

Each person recalled fond memories of Player as a member of their church, or a resident in the community where they lived or worked.

"I remember her, nothing but good thoughts. She was always joyful, had a smile on her face," said Alonzo Ramsey.

Others remembered seeing Player and her grandson every other Thursday at the barbershop.

"Every Thursday I went to the barbershop that's the first smile that you see. Every Thursday," said Kevin Estep Jr.

When Player was found murdered inside her church two weeks ago, the community struggled to make sense of the tragedy.

"Very good person, she's been a family friend for years," said Etta Fordham. "Where we were - she was, so I'm just going to totally miss her."

Days after the murder, city and regional police officers stepped up patrol in the area and Gov. Larry Hogan announced a $100,000 reward. Despite all of the attention, the case is still open.

"I just can't imagine who would do something like that. Maybe it would be closure for some people but I don't know," said Fordham "It's going to take years to get over this. Evelyn was just all around nice person."

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