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Brigance Brigade Selling T-Shirts To Fight ALS

WESTMINSTER, Md. (WJZ)-- He fought to make the Ravens a better football club, and now he's fighting for his life.

As Mike Schuh reports, Ravens Executive O.J. Brigance is using Sept. 29-- his birthday-- to raise money to cure a disease that will kill him.

Since 2004, he has been a senior advisor for player development for the Baltimore Ravens. But his diagnosis four years ago with ALS changed his life. From the field to a golf cart, ALS has now put him in a chair. Unable to speak, he communicates with burning bright eyes, a quick smile and a miracle of technology-- a computer that allows him to type his thoughts, scan the Internet, read and send e-mail.

Brigance was just a mile away from the Ravens' Westminster training camp Thursday to accept a check for his Brigance Brigade ALS Foundation.

On this day, he turns 42. He's using his birthday as time to talk about this: the Ravens are selling Brigance Brigade T-shirts for $29. All profits go to fight ALS.

Brigance is using his situation to raise money for those who don't have the staggering amount of money it takes to live with this debilitating disease.

"It's all type of equipment and everything out there," Chandra Brigance, co-founder of the Brigance Brigade, said. "It's all expensive. Nothing good comes cheap."

Together, they've raised more than $500,000.

Reporter: "The foundation is at the point where it's collecting money, and distributions will come soon?"
O.J. Brigance: "There have been some small distributions, but as we have work, our foundation will be able to help patients."

If you would like to buy one those T-shirts, visit the Ravens store directly by clicking on this link.

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