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Belair-Edison community, faith leaders unite for healing after tragic car crash

Belair-Edison community, faith leaders unite for healing after tragic car crash
Belair-Edison community, faith leaders unite for healing after tragic car crash 02:46

BALTIMORE -- The memory of a fatal crash that happened on Belair Road earlier this week still hurts the community nearby, and those who witnessed it.

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On Wednesday, a 68-year-old woman and her 9-year-old grandson died after a vehicle flipped over, ramming into a parked car.

It all happened in front of a church as many students were on their way to school.

But now the same church, the Archbishop of Baltimore and multiple high school clubs are hoping to help their community heal using a warm meal.

 "They are showing love for the city of Baltimore and love for those in need," said Archbishop William Lori.

"We've had this specific game plan for about a month now. And when I heard I believe it's Wednesday or Thursday about the circumstances that went on in this community. I could not have been more ready to do something," said Patrick Kiley, the president of the Lumberjack Club at Archbishop Spalding.

"They would take this initiative is a beautiful thing ---that they would show love for our city of Baltimore and for those in our city who are in need," said Archbishop Lori.

They held a pancake breakfast and mass Saturday morning to help the community heal after the crash Wednesday that killed two people.

"After the tragedy happened it just worked out perfectly to invite out the greater community and really make this kind of a healing event," said Father Evan Ponton the associate pastor, Shrine of The Little Flower Church.

Surveillance video obtained by WJZ on Thursday shows a red SUV zooming down the street, hitting a car parked on Belair Road.

A different camera shows the same SUV flipping and hitting another car.

Olivia Zacharko and Claudia Gerry are two high school students who said they saw what happened on their way to school.

"I saw a car flipping is insane---- because I was at the bottom of the hill. So to see that was crazy," said Claudia Gerry. "I was driving myself. She was on the bus."

"I just felt the bus kind of shake. And I looked out my window and I saw the aftermath of the accident," said Olivia Zacharko. "Then I looked out the window and I saw it was a child and my heart broke even more,

68-year-old Sharon Worsham. and 9-year-old Xavier Dukes both died. Another child in that car as well as two others were taken to the hospital.

"We were in shock in the beginning," Gerry told WJZ. "We had to figure our feelings out and figure out what just happened."

The crash happened in front of the Shrine of The Little Flower Church. 

Father Evan Ponton says he was there when the crash happened. Ponton later learned the pastor of the victims was a colleague of his and knew they had to do something more to show their support.

"Seeing how the network of trust and connection among the Baltimore community of faith – really highlights the beauty of the church amid a great tragedy," said Ponton.

They know a meal can be a reminder to those who are hurting remember they are not alone.

"It's hard to kind of put into words or circumstances I couldn't even imagine going through. But all I hope is that this community can just kind of walk together, even if it's just for an hour," Kiley told WJZ. 

"Saying I'm sorry, isn't going to help, but just that we're there. We want to help," said Gerry.

Police say wants caused the crash remains under investigation. 

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