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Baltimore County Photo Lab Makes 'Memory Books' For Those Struggling With Memory Loss

COCKEYSVILLE (WJZ) -- A Baltimore County photo lab is in the business of preserving memories. And they're giving people struggling with memory loss or Alzheimer's the chance to hold onto those memories, even as the disease progresses.

Nations Photo Lab in Cockeysville specializes in printing, binding and compiling photographs.

"People print pictures of those really special moments in their life," said Harvis Kramer, President of the business.

Kramer says the business wants to use what it does best to preserve these moments for people living with memory loss.

When you see that picture in a book, in a canvas print, whatever it might be, it's going to create a moment for you, you're going to go back to that event, back to that memory and it's going to create an emotional response inside of you," he said.

That's why they've decided to partner with the Alzheimer's Association and give away 50 free memory books. A way to transport a person back to a moment in time.

"The time at which you are having a moment and it's so important to you that you decide to take out your camera and take a picture, the whole idea is that you want to preserve that moment in time forever which is the beauty of photography," said Director of Marketing Lisa Foreman.

For someone struggling to remember, a photo can spark their memory.

"One day, we're going to be able to look at photographs and remember everything about them and we're not going to have a time where we look at something as if it's strangers to us," said Ellen Torres, Development Director for the Alzheimer's Association.

It puts a name to a face and serves as a reminder of the story behind them.

"When people move on in life to the next stage, then we want to be able to capture what came before, so it's just a wonderful reflection of that person's life, who they were, who was connected to them and it's just a beautiful way for us to celebrate that," Torres said.

The raffle runs through Sunday. If you would like to enter your name, go to the Nations Photo Lab website to enter. And even once this raffle is over, if you buy a memory book, all of the proceeds go directly to the Alzheimer's Association.

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