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Baltimore City Will Not Host Fourth Of July Firework Display Despite Lifting Some Covid Restrictions

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- While some covid restrictions are being lifted, Fourth of July fireworks displays are being called off for the second year in a row.

As of July 1, the mask mandate will be lifted in Baltimore but Mayor Brandon Scott said that does not mean you no longer need to wear one everywhere.

"While masks will not be required after the first, this announcement is an update in order do not preclude anyone from wearing a mask in public or private settings, nor does it prevent businesses and other entities to require masks for individuals who enter their establishment," said Mayor Scott.

Many in-person services like water billing, senior services, recreation division and youth centers will be able to see people for walk-in customer service by mid-August. Scott said we still need to encourage our neighbors and friends to get vaccinated as he hopes to raise the vaccination rate to 80 percent by early next year.

"As of today 59.4 percent of residents have had at least a single dose of the vaccine while 53.3% of our residents are fully vaccinated," Scott said.

However, with covid-19 and the new delta variant still posing a threat to public safety, the Fourth of July fireworks are still canceled in the city.

Michael Harrison said police officers will be out and about this weekend looking for people lighting off their own fireworks. "Members of the community are encouraged to report areas where fireworks are being stored ignited or sold," said Harrison.

Harrison added that not only are fireworks illegal, but they are also extremely dangerous to you and your property. "They can cause loss of vision severe burns and other serious injuries not only can they cause physical harm but they can cause anxiety and distress to our neighbors and pets."

"I am extremely eager and optimistic to see what that's going to look like next year and we are hoping before the summer is out to get to see some sort of a fireworks display," Mayor Scott AAded.


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