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7 Remain At Shock Trauma After Icy, Multi-Vehicle Crash On I-95

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Investigators are still trying to determine what caused a tanker to roll off of Interstate-95 early Saturday morning.

The explosion and massive vehicle pile-up leaves two people dead, and nearly 2 dozen injured.

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MDTA police anticipate this investigation will take weeks, or even months.

They're asking anyone involved in the crash or with information about it to contact them.

New pictures released to WJZ, of the crumbled metal scraps, all that was left of this tanker-turned fire ball.

WJZ's Devin Bartolotta has obtained exclusive photos of the wreckage.

WJZ exclusive photo
WJZ exclusive photo
WJZ exclusive photo
WJZ exclusive photo

A jaw-dropping video shows the moment the tanker careens off the overpass, skidding on the freezing rain and ice-covered I-95.

A 67-car pile up jammed the road with wreckage-debris for hours on Saturday. The horrific combination of icy roads and other factors left the driver of the tanker, and another person dead.

"It's a miracle more people weren't hurt or killed," says Bob Maloney, Baltimore Emergency Management Director.

Marvellous Amasiatu recorded a cell phone video of the crash and called 911.

"That was very, very traumatizing for me. Just able to shoot video and reach out to help," says Amasiatu.

Of the 23 people injured and taken to the University of Maryland Medical Center, seven remain at Shock Trauma, two are in critical condition and two others are in serious condition.

The deadly vehicle crash on I-95, one of many storm-related crashes across the state this weekend.

Maryland State Police responding to 377 vehicle traffic incidents between midnight Friday and midnight Saturday left 56 people injured.

Police also responding to 131 disabled vehicles and 95 stranded drivers.

But, unlike the tanker crash, none of those accidents were deadly.

Transportation officials tell WJZ, investigators will reconstruct the entire scene to find the chain of events that caused the crash.

"It's still early on in the in the investigation. We're going to look at all factors to determine what caused the crash. Obviously weather was a factor," says Lt. Kevin Ayd, with MDTA Police.

The victims have not yet been identified. Anyone with information that can help investigators is being asked to call 410-537-1208.

Transportation Police also say a third person died after a crash Saturday on I95 near Eastern Avenue, when he fell or jumped over the elevated highway's wall after running from the scene.

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