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'That's how baseball go': Texas Rangers, Arizona Diamondbacks face off in unlikely World Series matchup

Armchair Quarterback: The Texas Rangers edition
Armchair Quarterback: The Texas Rangers edition 01:55

Surprised to wake up and see it's the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Texas Rangers will be playing in the World Series?

You aren't alone.

The D-backs had a stunner of a Game 7 against the Phillies in the National League Championship Tuesday night, although the Philadelphia Phillies were favored to win.  

You may remember, they shut down the Atlanta Braves, who had the best regular season in all of baseball. Some even calling the Braves offense 'historic.'

But in the end, the regular season doesn't matter much.

Now, the Texas Rangers will go toe to toe against the Arizona Diamondbacks on baseball's biggest stage. The two teams aren't all that different both young and unexpected.

In the words of former Texas Rangers manager, Ron Washington, "that's the way baseball go."

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