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Thousands pack Klyde Warren Park for 4th annual Festival of Joy

Klyde Warren Park in Dallas hosts Festival of Joy
Klyde Warren Park in Dallas hosts Festival of Joy 01:35

DALLAS ( If you passed by Klyde Warren Park in Dallas today, you probably heard some drumming or maybe smelled the delicious aroma of food vendors. 

It was the fourth annual Festival of Joy celebrating India's rich culture, and CBS News Texas was there.

Celebrating the fourth annual Festival of Joy in Klyde Warren Park.

From the sea of bright colors to the rich dye of the henna paint and drumming you could hear from blocks away, the Festival of Joy made Sharada Devidasi feel like she was home.

"It just feels like we went to India it just feels like instead of taking a long route in an airplane to go to India we just drive 30 mins and come to India," said Devidasi.

Organizers estimate over 10,000 packed into Klyde Warren park for the Festival on Saturday. 

"Seeing so many people coming and celebrating the joy that India has to offer for those of us that have Indian heritage... it's been amazing," said Gopi Gita Schomaker, the Festival of Joy project manager.

Henna artists say they must have done at least 1,000 henna designs at the event today.

"It's our pleasure to share our culture to all," said henna artist Archana Uttarker.

Organizers say the Festival of Joy is a re-enactment of the oldest parade in the world, celebrated in India for over 5,000 years. 

"That reunion with the divine, with your inner parent, with your inner self - that's what we're celebrating," said Schomaker.

Families and friends were reuniting as well, and hopefully taking some of that joy home with them. 

"The joy that we would feel in India, we felt that here," said Devidasi.

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