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Meet the founders of the Black Women's Wall Street

The Black Women's Wall Street has created a support system of women in business
The Black Women's Wall Street has created a support system of women in business 02:48

NORTH TEXAS — The mission to motivate and support black entrepreneurs in North Texas lives on. 

JaCoi Pugh runs the Black Women's Wall Street. She says its her "God-given" assignment to empower other black women to build wealth, especially single mothers. 

 "It was started it at my kitchen table with myself and LaToya," says Pugh. 

LaToya Gooden, vice president and co-founder of the Black Women's Wall Street describes the beginnings of the organization saying, "Me and [JaCoi] literally, were sitting there going back and forth...We're just like, okay, look, we are business owners...Are there any organizations out there that would help people like us?"

The women say they are "unapologetic" in their efforts to reach their target audience.

"You know, a lot of times when I say the name of our organization, it causes people to just kind of, you know, clutch their pearls, right?"

Pugh describes her hardships as a black, female entrepreneur, "It's scary. It's lonely. You think that you can speak with your family, you think you can speak with friends, but because if you're speaking to other people that have never ever walked the path that you're on, it's hard for them to understand the journey."

The Black Women's Wall Street has allowed them to create a support system of other women to lean on.

"Oh my God. That is what gives me the Goosebumps...being able to help another woman," said LaToya.  

Black Women's Wall Street is still accepting submissions for this years business plan competitions until April 7. 

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