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Texas Trucking Association: We will see more empty store shelves

Trucking industry seeing impact of rising cost of diesel, supply chain issues
Trucking industry seeing impact of rising cost of diesel, supply chain issues 01:58

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The Texas Trucking Association said with all the challenges they're facing right now, we will see more empty store shelves. 

"It adds to the challenge for anyone to be successful in this industry," President of Texas Trucking Association, John Esparza said. 

There is concern as diesel prices continue to go up. 

Esparza said it's putting a lot of pressure on truck drivers and trucking companies. 

"These days, fuel and tires is getting up there, if not getting more expensive for trucking companies," Esparza said. "If you're an independent operator imagine, you know, having your greatest expenses aren't yourself in terms of what you need to make a living."

It's the perfect storm for the trucking industry, he said they already are still dealing with a truck driver shortage. This means people will be paying more for their products. 

"At the end of the day what it means to you and me and your audiences out there is, that it's going to cost more for the things that we need," Esparza said. "Whether it's at the grocery store, or at the retail facility, right to anything that's delivered to you at your door step."

He said in every aspect of life, whether you're traveling or sitting at home, you need trucks to roll. Without them, things come to a stop. 

"Even where we have those wonderful partners that we have to help bring us our freight and our goods, trucks are always going to be involved in the first mile and last mile," Esparza said. 

Esparaza said they are preparing to start Christmas shipments this Summer because of all the supply chain issues. He said they're hopeful for the future but don't expect any relief until 2023. 

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