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Texas Ranked Most At-Risk State In US For Natural Disasters, Averages $14B In Property Damage Per Year

TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - As summer kicks into full gear, so does extreme weather as Texas prepares to face what could be a recording breaking season. A study by ValuePenguin found the Lone Star state to be the most at-risk in the U.S. for natural disasters, due in large part to its lengthy coastline. Over the past five years Texas has sustained an average of $14 billion a year in property damage. The most expensive season in recent memory came in 2017 when Texas was hit with $63.4 billion in damages.

In the last five years homeowners in Texas have had to shell out over $1,400 in property damages each on average. The state with the second-highest average property damage per household is next door neighbor Louisiana coming in at just over $1,000. The United States is currently on pace to set a new record for federally declared disasters in 2020 so homeowners should expect property damage totals to go even higher than previous years.

By the end of April, the U.S. had already experienced its second most federally declared disasters in history and with extreme weather season still to come, it projects to be a record-shattering year as 2020 continues throw one obstacle after another at Americans.


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