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Balch Springs Teens Beat Puppy, Blinding Her

BALCH SPRINGS (CBS 11 NEWS) - Police in Balch Springs are searching for a teenager accused of beating a small puppy last weekend.

A woman who lives on Oakview Drive saw two teenage boys and a girl walking down the street last Sunday afternoon. Carol Nix said that she watched from her front porch door as one of the teenage boys took a large tree branch and hit a puppy wandering down the street.

The puppy is thought to be a female terrier mix, and weighs about seven pounds.

Nix said that the dog wandered to her home earlier in the day, and stopped for a drink of water before it saw the teens and began following them. She found the animal to be very friendly. "I could see the little tail just wagging. It was being friendly, not aggressive. Very friendly," Nix said.

When she saw what happened in the street, Nix called the police. "I think this kid enjoyed doing it," Nix said. "He never did look at that dog with remorse. Never looked at that dog like he was sorry."

The blow with the tree branch ruptured the puppy's eye, and knocked out several teeth.

An officer responded, picked up the dog and took it to the city shelter. Later, rescuers moved it to north Dallas for veterinary care. Doctors at Veterinary Dental on Coit Road performed surgery Thursday, removing the dog's ruined eye. They will also take x-rays to see if her jaw is broken. "This is a case of some really bad cruelty, in my opinion," said veterinarian Jaime Presley.

"She's really a sweet dog. She should have no problem finding a good home," Presley added.

Carissa Harris of Rocky Ridge Refuge helped coordinate the rescue effort. The organization handles many cases of abuse and neglect, but this is the first time they have offered a reward for information that leads to an arrest. "I'm hoping that somebody will come forward out of the goodness of their heart and, with the offer of the reward, will say something," Harris said.

Tips can be called in to the Balch Springs Police Department or Rocky Ridge Refuge. People have donated over $2,500 to the reward. Click here if you would like to donate as well.

Harris added that the puppy will not have any trouble finding a loving home. Rocky Ridge Refuge has already heard from several families interested in adopting her, including the police officer who helped rescue her last Sunday.

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