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Storm drain cover thefts increasing across Prosper

Storm drain cover thefts increasing across Prosper
Storm drain cover thefts increasing across Prosper 02:06

PROSPER ( – Large, dangerous holes are appearing in the ground all over the Town of Prosper – that's because someone has been stealing storm drain covers at an alarming rate.

A walk through the neighborhood is already an adventure with a dog like Paige.

Courtney Mackedanz and her rescue dog now have to watch more carefully where they step in the Saddle Creek neighborhood of Prosper.

"I have a seven and a six-year-old, we go on walks, we take bike rides, scooter rides, all those things and it's definitely a safety factor for them," Mackedanz said.

Thirty storm drain covers have turned up missing in the past two weeks alone.

"We suspect they are selling these to provide and sell at scrap shops," said Todd Rice, Prosper's public information officer. "I know the typical rate is around $30 for these."

But it costs more than $200 to replace them and the town is running low, which makes it an ongoing safety risk if the thefts continue.

"This poses a big threat to residents to that use these sidewalks and these walkways, especially when the sun goes down, it's hard to see these that are missing," Rice said.

So far, none of the manhole covers over streets have been reported stolen.

That may be because they are heavier and have the Town of Prosper engraved on them which can make it harder for thieves to sell.

The covers missing over storm drains could cause flash flooding if large debris washes inside.

Police don't know if this is the work of one person or multiple people, and they don't have any suspect descriptions to pass along.

That's why they are counting on the public to monitor their home security cameras and report anything suspicious to stop this dangerous theft spree.

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