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Storm chaser saves Texas family of 4 after tornado destroys home

Family describes harrowing escape from tornado
Texas family describes harrowing escape from devastating tornado 02:45

WEST TEXAS – A storm chaser not only captured a massive tornado touching down in Hawley, Texas, on Thursday, but ended up rescuing a family of four whose home was destroyed by it.

In the harrowing, live video from Freddy McKinney, he yells at the family to "Hurry, get inside!" as they run for their lives, begging him for help.

They sped towards the hospital, which was miles away.

Kasey and Wes Lambert, along with their 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter, have a variety of lacerations, bruises and broken bones, but are otherwise okay.

 "We saw it hit our friend's house and we went into the closet," said Kasey Lambert. "Sat down and grabbed hands. What did we do? We prayed, 'Please keep us safe.' Bricks are falling on us. I look up. Our house is crashing down."

She tried to hold onto both of her children, but the wind was too powerful.

"Lane was sucked out and thrown 25 feet," Lambert said. "I remember screaming for him. I thought he was dead. I thought he was gone and I had already begun mourning. And I had the only fear I ever have as a mom is not being able to rescue my child in a dangerous time. And that's exactly what happened."

When the tornado had passed over their home, Lambert said they were able to quickly find Lane and run to McKinney for help. If he wasn't there to take them to the hospital, she said she's not sure her son would have survived because of the bleeding.

The Lamberts said they are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of love and support from the community as they heal and cleanup what's left of their home.

Several other homes in Hawley were damaged or destroyed by the tornado. The National Weather Service believes it was likely a strong EF3 or a weak EF4, but the agency will need a few more days to review the data before making a final determination.

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