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Staying cool at the State Fair amid long-lasting summer heat

Staying cool at the State Fair amid long-lasting summer heat
Staying cool at the State Fair amid long-lasting summer heat 02:11

DALLAS ( - It was a particularly hot first weekend for the State Fair of Texas. But that didn't stop fairgoers from making their way to Fair Park this weekend. 

"The heat has been doing its thing," said Kerston Crawford-Thorns, the CEO of Pearlie's Southern Kitchen.

At Pearlie's Southern Kitchen's stand at the State Fair of Texas, it's hard to keep cool when you've got the fryers churning out  Ox'cellent soul rolls all day. 

"Like 20 to 30 degrees more when you're standing over the fryers, " said Crawford-Thorns. "That's why we tell our staff to make sure that they take breaks, make sure that you're staying hydrated because you literally have all that heat coming at you for hours on end." 

With the temperatures reaching mid-90s all weekend fairgoers have been feeling the heat too. 

"It was a little hot at the beginning we needed to get a little water to cool down," said fairgoer Emely Pineda.   

This year Dallas Fire Rescue joined the safety and security team for the fair, making sure everyone stays safe. 

 "If someone gets overheated or needs to come see them because they're not feeling right we have first aid stations placed strategically throughout the grounds as well as DFR members traveling the grounds and making sure that everybody is staying safe so if someone gets overheated we can take care of them," said  Karissa Condoianis, the Senior Vice President of Public Relations for the State Fair of Texas.

Eighty percent of the fair is outdoors so on particularly hot days the fair is prepared to set up temporary cooling stations for guests if necessary. Plus there are plenty of air-conditioned buildings if you need a break from the heat. 

You can also find water for sale throughout the fairgrounds. Or bring your own water bottle that you can refill at one of the water fountains. 

And if you find yourself in need of a little help:

 "If you see somebody in an official State Fair of Texas shirt, one of our State Fair safety team members, a DFR team member or a Dallas police officer please notify them if you're not feeling well," said Condoianis.

With a cool front on the way, fairgoers and fair workers will get some relief in the days ahead. 

"We're counting down and that will be full fall fair weather," said Condoianis. 

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