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Smithsonian Accepts Uniforms From The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

WASHINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) - A swatch of American culture was donated to the nation's attic on Monday as the Smithsonian Museum of American History accepted two iconic uniforms from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders into its permanent collection.

"There's probably not another word to surmise what each one of these artifacts are, other than iconic," stated Charlotte Jones Anderson, the team's executive vice president and chief brand officer. "This is such an exciting day for our organization. We just can't tell you how thrilled and honored we are to be here in the Smithsonian."

One of the uniforms was a version from the 1980s created by Levita Crager. It features the familiar blue sequins of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and white go-go boots that were worn during the NFL games of that era. The second version of the uniform, made by Lisa Dobson for the 2011 season, evoked a more western style.

"They are the story of what we came from and the story of where we are, hopefully, going with innovation and invention," said Anderson, explaining the uniforms selected to be on donated to the Smithsonian. "They tell a complete story of how and why we are actually here."

Several members of the current Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were on hand for the presentation. "Growing up in Dallas, the uniform and everything that the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were, and are, was such an iconic thing for me," one of those cheerleaders said. "Getting to actually have this uniform on today is a dream come true."

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