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School Program Helps Overcome 'Knotty' Problem

DUNCANVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) - Proper dress can by a "knotty" problem for growing boys, but a Duncanville middle school is offering special mentoring in a male rite of passage: tying a necktie.

It's a program called "Tying for Success," and these Reed Middle schoolers see a future in cultivating the cravat.

"I kept trying and trying until I got it right," said 13-year-old Jason McLin. "I know I'm going to have to know if I go on a job interview or something."

And 12-year-old Jacob Mejia sees the skill as critical to his future, too.

"If I ever wanted to go into business or go into TV that I would look professional with a tie in a suit," he said.

While open neck shirts may be the current rage, these young men and their counselor are betting that the necktie will once again provide the finishing touch in a proper fashion statement.

"The trick is getting it leveled and dimples in the biggest part," says 13-year-old Anthony Limbrick. He sort of inherited his interest. " I first saw a tie being tied by my father; and I was so interested in how to do it, but every time I learned I'd forget."

And his proud papa looked on as the program finished a project he started years earlier.

"He worked kind of hard at it and Anthony's always liked to wear suits," the elder Limbrick told CBS 11 News. "The most important people wear ties."

There's extra incentive at the course's end, as school counselor Terrence Chase told the program participants.

"Your reward is, one, the certificate, and two, you get to pick out any brand new tie that you want. okay? and it's for yours to keep," he said.

Chase grew up without a male figure around and says this is something guys need to teach other guys.

"It gives them confidence, one, that they can achieve something and they can do something and that when they do grow up, one day, to get a job--they can look professional and land that position they want," Chase said.

There's satisfaction of a task well learned…and more.

"When I go on a date I can have a tie," announced 13-year-old Nicholas Peterson.

And that's planning for the future, too.

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