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Going To School On CBD Oil In Frisco

FRISCO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - When Ed Mahoney and Kellie Kauten first opened their shop on Frisco's Main Street, people were naturally curious.

"In the beginning, people would open up the door and peek their head in and not know what kind of store this was," said Mahoney.

Artistic Organics specializes in cannabis oil, better known as CBD, and the many related products now on the market.

"I did a little bit of research online and it was very overwhelming, which led me here," said Kelly Langley, a runner hoping it will help soothe sore muscles and decrease inflammation.

She attended a class at the shop Tuesday night to learn more.

There are oils, creams, chocolates, gummies, bath bombs and vape pens. There are even dog treats.

CBD oil
CBD oil (credit: CBS 11 News)

There's also all kinds of terminology.

"People use things like isolate, full spectrum, broad spectrum. They just throw these words out here," said Kauten.

With no government regulation, though, there's no guarantee CBD products are what they claim.

"I mean it's literally like the Wild West because a lot of people when they're buying online they really don't know what they're getting," said Mahoney.

He and Kauten say they vetted 60 companies selling CBD looking for brands that met their high standards.

"When we opened our doors, out of that 60, there were about three," said Kauten.

At the Cherry Apothecary in Dallas, Chelsea Devos also told us she only carries a handful of brands.

"There's a lot of garbage out there," she said.

The products she carries contain CBD grown in the U.S. and come with independent lab test results verifying what's in them.

Devos, who uses CBD to treat her anxiety, told us she's also sampled everything herself.

"I tried a lot of different brands, and they either tasted terrible or I felt no relief," she said.

When she finds one that works, though, she said it does wonders for all types of conditions.

"Anxiety, depression, pain management is huge," she said. "The majority of people I see are trying to reduce their consumption of pain pills."

As people share their success stories, word of mouth keeps drawing more customers in.

"This is helping so many people," said Devos.

Artistic Organics similarly said its "CBD 101" class Tuesday was so popular it's already scheduled another for the following week.

CBD products derived from hemp oil do contain trace amounts of THC, the same psychoactive component you find in marijuana. It's not enough to get you high, but it does put the oils in a grey area legally.

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