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Over 100 animals rescued from "deplorable fate" in North Texas county

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NORTH TEXAS — Over 100 dogs, horses, birds, goats, pigs, hamsters, rats, reptiles and a ferret were seized from an Erath County property after a caller reported seeing dead animals.

After receiving the call, the Erath County Sheriff's Office contacted  Animal Investigation and Response (AIR) and launched a multi-agency operation including the Stephenville Police Department Animal Control, The Erath County Humane Society and the Erath County Fire /EMS. 

The investigation revealed dead animals in different stages of decay and numerous dogs, cats, and livestock living in inadequate water, food or shelter. 

Monday, a warrant was served at the property on CR 712 where "animals were seized from the cruel conditions."

Animal Investigation and Response

"Erath County Sheriff's Office no doubt saved these animals from a deplorable fate and we are proud to assist them in warrant service and as part of the emergency temporary sheltering team. The seized animals clearly have been living like this for some time as evidence of dead animals in various stages of decay were found on the property. Clearly, Sheriff Coates and his Deputies take animal cruelty seriously and AIR can provide the assistance needed for the animals." said Monica Ailey-Welborn, President of Animal Investigation and Response.  

Animal Investigation and Response

The surviving animals are now in the custody of the Sheriff's office pending a custody hearing. All animals are being cared for at an undisclosed location where they are receiving veterinary care from an AIR veterinarian, Greeks Creek Veterinary Hospital (Erath County) and veterinarians from Texas A&M University. AIR Responders are working alongside the sheriff's department to provide daily care for the animals until this situation is resolved. 

Animal Investigation and Response

The investigation is ongoing. 

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