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Note From "Jesus" Concerns Some East Dallas Residents

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A scripture scare in East Dallas is causing fear among some residents after they discovered a cryptic, handwritten letter with Bible messages that preach, "The end of the world is near."

Some residents first thought someone was taping the messages to doors in an attempt to see who is home and who is not. They felt burglars were trying to canvass the neighborhood. But when they opened the letter, the content freaked them out and so did the personalized style of writing.

"I felt slightly violated, maybe mildly threatened. I didn't know why someone would be sharing this with me and pointing out the end of the world is near," said Bob Rosen, who lives in East Dallas.

Rosen found the letter pinned up to his home early in the morning on Wednesday and said it was not there the night before.

"Seriously, I thought it was one of my neighbors complaining about my dog barking," said Rosen.

Instead, it was a note in strange font, full of Bible passages with a dark message. "It could be perfectly innocent. But it's strange," said Rosen.

No one else on his street got the note. But several other residents in East Dallas did receive the same letter.

"It definitely made me feel unsafe," said Christine Smith, who also lives in East Dallas.

Smith said she was concerned and called Dallas Police to report the note. She said the officer told her police could not do much, but to remain vigilant if the person returns.

"I can understand how people would be afraid about that, but that's not Jesus' style," said Dr. Craig Christina, who has a doctorate from the school of theology and is a pastor at Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church.

Christina said the passages the author picked talked about revealing the "light of Christ." He said doing it the way the author did is ineffective and creepy.

"Just keep an eye out. We've got an alarm system; we've got a dog. I'm not too worried about anything. I've just never experienced anything quite like this before," said Rosen.

Dallas Police did not return emails or phone calls immediately regarding the situation.

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