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North Texas man chases solar eclipses

North Texas man chases solar eclipses
North Texas man chases solar eclipses 02:11

NORTH TEXAS — There is less than a month until the solar eclipse has us all looking to the sky to catch a glimpse of the rare phenomenon on April 8. But one North Texan has been chasing solar eclipses around the world for years.

Bob Bedell has seen four solar eclipses, perhaps more than most people will see in their lifetimes. And he's traveled the world to find them, capturing stunning images of the total eclipses along the way.

Novosibirsk, Russia... we were in the South Pacific," said Bedell. "We were in Australia outside of Cairns and then we were outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming." 

Bob and Imelda Bedell traveled the world to find eclipses, capturing stunning images along the way. Bob Bedell

Bob and his wife Imelda started chasing solar eclipses when they retired and had more time to travel. He says after their first solar eclipse experience, they were hooked. 

"It's just awesome when you see the corona and you can see some solar prominences some purple colors shooting out from the sun it's just awesome," said Bedell.

But it's not just about seeing it for himself. He says the magic is in experiencing it with others. Like the time they watched the solar eclipse on a ship in the middle of the South Pacific thanks to a ship captain. 

"Afterwards during the noon meal, the captain came in and everyone stood up and cheered," said Bedell. "It's very spiritual, it must've been 10 minutes people were just yelling and screaming and cheering," said Bedell.  

But next month they won't have to travel far to view this rare total solar eclipse. They'll just step outside their front door.

"More of our friends and relatives will be able to experience what we've experienced in the past," said Bedell.

it's an experience Bedell says no one should take for granted.

"You may never have an opportunity to see it again and feel creation with the sun the moon and the earth align." 

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