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North Texas couple takes the leap of love on Leap Day

North Texas couple takes the leap of love on Leap Day
North Texas couple takes the leap of love on Leap Day 01:55

NORTH TEXAS - Leap Day only comes once every four years, so why not celebrate with a unique wedding date?

It's the reason why North Texas couple Selene Reyes and her fiancé Macklin Baldwin chose to fast-track their wedding planning.

"We realized it was coming up, and we wanted to get married on leap day," Reyes said. "We are horrible with dates so this was perfect for us."

"It's a cool idea, and that's why we wanted to go ahead and get it done this year so we didn't have to wait another four years to make it happen," Baldwin said with a laugh.

When they realized the opportunity they had to have an anniversary only every four years, they took it.

"We figure we can keep up with one every four years a lot better, and we can do something even more special every four years to celebrate," Baldwin said.

It's quirky and unique, but they're certainly not the only couple marrying today.

Kari Loth, owner of Southern Bash, a Dallas-based wedding planning company, says the tradition of love on Leap Day, is as old as time.

"In the fifth century, there was a nun named St. Bridget, and she asked St. Patrick if women could propose to men. He said no way, but they compromised that every four years on Leap Day, women could propose to men. That's how the Leap Day wedding and proposal tradition started on Leap Day," Loth said.

It's also known to bring couples a lucky marriage. Loth agrees.

"Supposedly if you get married in all of the leap year, you have a lucky blessed marriage, but if you want to do something quirky and fun, like get married on Leap Day, your wedding has some magic."

Selene and Macklin are hoping for some of that luck as they prepare for their ceremony on Thursday at Feragne Villa in Hurst.

And though it may be a day that only comes once every four years, their love is something they plan to celebrate every day.

"The date is special and unique, just like our relationship," Reyes said. 

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