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McKinney City Council member says weekly meeting saved him from being victim of freak accident

City council meeting saves North Texas banker's life when SUV plows through office
City council meeting saves North Texas banker's life when SUV plows through office 01:47

MCKINNEY — Michael Jones was early for his Tuesday afternoon McKinney city council work session when he got a call that a car hit the building where he works. 

"Kind of brushed it off like well you know it happens, and he was like, 'You don't understand - the car went through the building and went through your office if you were there it would've been a catastrophe,'" said Jones.

An SUV plowed right through the office space occupied by B1 Bank where Jones works, even hitting his desk. 

"Normally I would be there, except Tuesday is a city council day," said Jones.

Jones says his first concern was for his fellow coworkers and he immediately left the meeting. When he saw the damage firsthand, he realized how lucky he was. 

"If I had been sitting at my desk, looking at where it came in, the angle," Jones said, "first my legs would've been crushed."

McKinney Police say the person who caused the crash was an unlicensed teenager who lost control of the vehicle while learning to drive with the help of her boyfriend. 

One bank employee suffered a minor leg injury but no one else was hurt. 

"I think it had to be the Lord watching over me," said Jones.

Whether it was divine intervention or a twist of fate, Jones has a greater appreciation for his family and his own life. 

"Thanking God every day that you're here because it could be gone in a second," Jones said. "It was a godsend that I was not there." 

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