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Mark Cuban Suggests Giving Americans $1000 Stimulus Checks Every Other Week For 2 Months

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Dallas Billionaire Mark Cuban has a lot of ideas about how much money American families should receive during the pandemic.

During an interview on CNBC, the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said more stimulus money is needed for the economy to recover amid COVID-19 and suggested that households receive $1,000 stimulus checks every two weeks for the next two months.

"Those without [help] are struggling badly," he said. "We need to get them help."

The money wouldn't just be a grant, Cuban suggested that the funds have an expiration date -- requiring that Americans spend it within 10 days or lose it. By taking that approach Cuban said the economy would immediately be stimulated by the spending. He said without the requirement many people would just save the cash and the economy would be unaffected.

Saying that Americans "need it as much now as we did back then," Cuban explained that there are two different realties in families across the country -- one where household are able to pay their bills and one where families cannot.

"Once businesses start having demand, even if they're closed and working online, then there is a reason for them to be able to bring back employees and retain those employees if demand is sustained," Cuban said.

Cuban joins other public figures who have called for providing more stimulus to Americans in the form of universal basic income. The concept of universal basic income is a regular paycheck for all adult Americans, regardless of income and employment.

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