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Lewisville restaurant turned to ChatGPT to enhance its menu

Robot pizza. Yes, it's a thing at Motor City Pizza
Robot pizza. Yes, it's a thing at Motor City Pizza 02:41

LEWISVILLE ( – A Lewisville restaurant is putting artificial intelligence to the test with a new menu item created by the popular chatbot, ChatGPT. 

Motor City Pizza specializes in Detroit-style pie.  

"So it's rectangular and it's deep dish, but not super heavy like Chicago," said owner Greg Tierney. 

He has all the traditional toppings on the menu but likes to offer some more creative options too. 

"I've given him some recipes before, and he's like this will never work," said regular customer Winston Edmondson, who is constantly pitching his ideas to Tierney. "When I make 'em, they taste great. When I describe them to Greg, he's like uh-uh." 

Edmondson and his 16-year-old daughter love cooking together and wanted to create a pizza with elotes, grilled Mexican street corn. 

"We were trying to make it happen and it just wasn't working for us," he said. 

So they turned to ChatGPT, which is powered by AI. 

"I was describing what I wanted to accomplish with this pizza, the emotions I wanted to feel as I took a bite… and it spits out this recipe," Edmondson said. 

Finally, Edmondson knew he had a winner he could bring to Tierney. 

"I looked it over and studied it and I was like, yea, that one, I think that one will be really good," Tierney said.

The guys made a few tweaks to the recipe and ended up putting "Winston's Elote," what he's named "Textrano Amore," on the menu. 

The garnish ChatGPT dictated is the ultimate topping. 

"We're doing fresh lime wedges," said Tierney. "Just to give it one more burst of flavor. Before you put it in your mouth, give that lime a squeeze." 

Tierney said it will stay on the menu as long as there's demand for it, and Edmondson hopes it's just the beginning of a future partnership -  with AI in the mix. 

"My next step is to try to convince him to do a rotating AI menu item, so we'll see how it goes," Edmondson said. 

Motor City Pizza is located at 1425 FM 407, Suite 600, Lewisville, TX, 75077. The restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday.  

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