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Latest TikTok trend, kicking in doors, especially dangerous in Texas

Latest TikTok trend, kicking in doors, dangerous, especially in Texas 02:13

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A new TikTok challenge is sweeping the country, turning what in years past would have perhaps been an annoying teenage prank into potential for real trouble.

"He could have shot them," said a Dallas mother of a startled homeowner's encounter with her 12-year-old son and a friend, still fighting back tears.  "I think [it's] one of the most terrifying things imaginable for a parent: that your kid could be shot on his own street, in socks, for doing something that I think kids thought was kind of harmless, harmless fun, and it's terrifying."

And what's more is that her son isn't even allowed to have TikTok on his phone. But a friend does, and out of her sight for a mere six minutes, they found themselves at a new neighbor's door.  The encounter left her son shaken.

"He didn't sleep much, thinking that he could have been shot and killed... 20 feet from our front door. It's horrifying to him and it's horrifying to us."

We aren't identifying the parents, because although they've publicly taken responsibility and apologized directly to the homeowner, the trolls have come for the family online.  She said her son is being punished and on his own initiative apologized again to the homeowner and offered to do chores to make amends. "He's been pretty devastated."

They agreed to share their experience to help warn other parents that just banning social media from their kids' phones, may not be enough.  This mom encouraged parents to have conversations that go farther than a specific trending challenge.

"Those big global conversations, remembering to keep yourself safe. There are people out there who don't care if you're a 12 old kid, they don't care if you're 14 or what kind of good you're trying to do in the world. And they have that one interaction with you that can change your life? That can end your life."

And while the challenges may change, local police say the challenge for parents is to stay aware.  "Parents, take a moment and know what your kids are doing on social media," urged Arlington Police spokesperson Ofc. Jessie Minton.  "Talk with them about that, look at their phones, know what they're up to."

No one wins if a child is shot through a door.

"I thought of all the things that he wants to do in this world and all of the dreams that he has... gone, you know, from just a couple of minutes of lapsed judgment."

And although her son is safe, this Dallas mom is still haunted by what could have been.

"It's something that we're not going to forget anytime soon."

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