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The 'experience' at Klyde Warren Park takes it up a notch

'The Experience' At Klyde Warren Park Takes It Up A Notch 03:57

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - In 2012, Klyde Warren Park was designed as a way to help unite Dallas. Ten years later, that vision is being reimagined, but the overall goal remains the same. 

Klyde Warren Park President Kit Sawers said the goal was "to celebrate what we have in common. People who vote different from each other, and look differently from each other, and worship differently from each other….and bring them together to share these common traditions and experience to unite our community. It's been a gift that keeps on giving, and we're grateful for it." 

Dallas officials said the improvements to Klyde Warren Park will be complete by the end of summer 2022.

Sawers oversaw the $20 million reinvested to enhance one of Dallas' crown jewels. The funds came from private donors, just like the rest of the 5.2 acre park. In Sawers' words, "I think there's something about Dallas that's a very can do attitude. It's not about being daunting. It's like who can we get together to help make this happen. This is what our city needs. 'How can we do it?' Let's go for it." 

And go for it they have. The improvements, which are scheduled to be completed this summer, will radically improve the park's layout. The children's playground will be expanded from 12,000 to 18,000 square feet. It's one thing to admire the finished product, it's another to see how it compares to where things stand now.

At the corner of Woodall Rogers Freeway and Olive Street, the "My Best Friends Park" has already been finished. It's a park for the ultimate dog lovers. Sawers said, "It's really created not just a visiting community, but a live-in community and I think that's my favorite part."

And just across the street, imagineers are finishing up work on the ultimate chill spot: the Nancy Best Fountain. When it's finished, each side of the triangular structure will be 100 feet long. And just like all of the other improvements, it's sure to make a big splash.

Klyde Warren Park Executive Vice President Tricia Linderman said, "I just think this park has been so important to so many people, but especially to kids. If you come any weekend it is filled with kids." 

Sawers concluded, "It's something that can improve our area, and that's something everyone can be proud of."

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