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Irving High School graduate gets a surprise after suffering life-threatening allergic reaction

Irving High School graduate gets surprise celebration after suffering life-threatening allergic reac
Irving High School graduate gets surprise celebration after suffering life-threatening allergic reac 02:50

IRVING ( - Rene Amaya, a 19-year-old Irving High School senior, experienced a life-threatening ordeal on what was supposed to be the biggest day of his life. 

Earlier that day, Amaya was focused on what he was going to wear to his graduation. "I was trying to be the best dressed and show off," he said. 

While walking with his parents to the car, the unthinkable happened. 

"it all just went down so quick," Amaya said. "I got out the front door when I just saw a wasp go so fast to my bottom lip, bit me, stung me. I told my dad about it. We all know I'm allergic so my heart dropped."

Immediately, the family began to drive Amaya to the hospital, and he quickly went into anaphylactic shock.

Upon arrival at Baylor Scott & White Irving, dThe 19-year-old Irving High School senior was heading to his graduation earlier this month when the unthinkable happened while walking with his parents out to the car. octors were deeply concerned about Amaya's condition. 

"Rene was very ill when he got here" Dr. Connie Swickhamer, the Emergency Department Medical Director, said,  Very life-threatening. We only use epinephrine for things such as severe anaphylactic reaction or even like cardiac arrest."

Thankfully, Amaya's health improved within hours, but his heart remained broken. 

Amaya said "I kept telling myself, why me?" 

Rene is the first in his family to graduate high school so three weeks after he missed walking the stage in his cap and gown, he wore them back to the hospital for a surprise.  The hospital staff, along with Amaya's teachers and principal, arranged a graduation ceremony within the hospital walls to honor Amaya's achievement. 

The ceremony was complete with programs, balloons, and a special presentation. 

The nurses who spearheaded the idea felt compelled to take action after witnessing Amaya's disappointment. 

One nurse, Ashley, shared, "I went to Ashley and said, 'Can we do something?' and Ashley was like, 'Come on, let's go.' So we went to the gift shop to see if they had any balloons or anything that said congrats, and they did."

Amaya, enjoyed the support and the ceremony, saying of the nurses who organized the event, "They're awesome, they're angels honestly." As he symbolically moved his tassel, he reflected, "What did you learn from all this? God knows what he's doing."

Rene Amaya can now truly feel like he's done something no one else in his family has done before.  

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