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Investigation into Allen outlet mall shooting is going back years

Investigation into Allen outlet mall shooting is going back years
Investigation into Allen outlet mall shooting is going back years 02:18

ALLEN ( – There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the high powered rifle used in the Allen outlet mall shooting.

CBS News Texas has learned that the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) sent out inquiries to area gun retailers over the weekend in their efforts to trace its history and make sure it was purchased legally.

Meanwhile, the picture emerging of the suspected shooter continues to get darker through disturbing and hidden social media accounts.

The terror inflicted on shoppers right in the middle of the Allen outlet mall lasted only for a few brief moments.

But the investigation into it is going back years – piecing together the suspected shooters movement and mindset up until Saturday afternoon.

Authorities have found social media posts believed to be from Mauricio Garcia's accounts that included extremist views, photos of tactical gear and mass shooting references.

Authorities have raided both the dead suspect's northwest Dallas motel room and the east Dallas home where his mother lives.

It's still unclear if the suspect was working anywhere after losing his license to be a security guard in 2020.

Records show he dropped out of the Army after only a few months in 2008.

The only explanation for that was physical or mental health issues.

This unspent round at the scene of Saturday's shooting was only part of an arsenal that authorities say included seven guns along with unused ammunition, much of it found in the suspect's car.

So authorities have a lot to work with but the one important thing they don't have, at least they are not telling us yet if they do, is a clear motive for mass murder. 

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