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Iconic University Park New York Sub sign falls to storms after standing 50 years strong

Storm damages leave Dallas homes and businesses without power
Storm damages leave Dallas homes and businesses without power 02:15

DALLAS — Throughout University Park there are fallen trees and remnants of the 70-mile-per-hour winds that tore through North Texas Tuesday morning. 

Among the remnants are pieces of the New York Sub sign that withstood 50 years of storms.

"The sign has been there since 1974. Stood for 50 years. So 50-year storm, I guess," said restaurant owner Andrew Kelley.

"Definitely shocked. Sad," described Kelley. "You know, just kind of like wondering what else was happening, what other damage would be happening at the store."

He arrived to find a power outage, making it impossible to open today. 

Oncor said that more than 600,000 North Texans lost power, and it could be a while before it's fully restored. 

"[Power] certainly could be out for multiple days," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins in a press conference Tuesday morning.  "Oncor and everyone else will prioritize the critical infrastructure, hospitals, police stations, things that need to have power, even more so than our homes do. And then they will prioritize the people whose power they can get on the quickest."

Others in Dallas and Collin Counties weathered the sirens only to find extensive damage when the winds stopped.

"This morning at about 5:30, we all woke up to a really loud noise and turns out, it was a tree falling on my car," describes Skylar Onahony.

Mitzi Rudderow also heard a loud thud in her driveway on Tuesday afternoon the process began of cleaning up and starting over. 

"I knew we were doomed. But I was also thankful," said Rudderow. "It could have been worse, could have hit the house. Somebody could have been in the car. So we feel very blessed."

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