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Here's what you can do to avoid being struck by porch pirates

Keller police launch 'Operation Gift Guardians' in an effort to stop porch pirates
Keller police launch 'Operation Gift Guardians' in an effort to stop porch pirates 02:50

KELLER – Several packages could be arriving in your neighborhood as the popular Cyber Monday passed a week ago. 

Police departments across North Texas warn residents of package thefts from so-called 'porch pirates' lurking to get a free gift. 

The Better Business Bureau shares these tips to make sure you aren't a victim:

  • Check with your neighbors—the package could have accidently been dropped off at their place. 
  • Don't leave packages unattended—if you are expecting a package at a certain time—try to be home and get it right away.
  • Ship to a store—retailers will require proof of purchase or id before releasing packages.
  • Use a security camera by your door—this will also help police if you have to file a report—that way they can have visual evidence and get a suspect description. 
  • Require a signature–many delivery companies include this option. 
  • Consider a package receiving service—places like amazon offer secure package receiving locations away from your home that you can access with a key code. 

You can also get a tracker on your package so you can see where it's located at a certain time. 

Fort Worth police will also be out and about to make sure a Grinch doesn't steal your valuables. 

"Remember the Fort Worth Police Department has all kinds of tools that we utilize, we've used grinch pinch where we track packages, you never know when you're going to pick up a package that actually may be there waiting for the police to arrest you if you chose to steal it," said Officer Buddy Calzada with the Fort Worth Police Department. 

Another police department is stepping up to make sure your packages are safe. 

Starting this year, the Keller Police Department started 'Operation Gift Guardians' which people will allow people to ship their packages directly to the department. The program runs through Dec. 22.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Use your legal name for your shipping information
  • Set the delivery address to 330 Rufe Snow Dr.
  • Bring your ID with you to the station
  • Pick up your packages anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday
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