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Gas Worries Fueled Fight Between Drivers In Dallas

DALLAS (CBS11) - Gas station frustration in Dallas fueled a fight between drivers that even got police involved last Thursday.

As panic over a fuel shortage swept across North Texas, an extreme case was caught on cell phone video.

gas station fight
gas station fight (courtesy: Amber Rust)

Amber Rust captured the moment at 7-Eleven as Louis Huberman and another man wrestled over his gas can.

The video shows Huberman dumping gasoline inside the man's car.

"I was thinking that if the guy wanted the gas that bad, I was going to give him the gas," said Huberman.

He said he sprang into action after the man in the Ezekiel Elliott jersey cut in front of drivers and started calling a woman names.

"I guess he was trying to defend that lady, but at the same time, they both was cuttin' in..." said Rust.

The video shows the man in the jersey taking off his jersey.

"He was taking it off, like he wanted to fight," said Huberman.

Huberman is seen walking away. He explained he went inside the store because he was scared of what the second man would do. He told CBS11 he has no regrets about his actions.

"I stand by what I did," said Huberman. "He was out of control, and someone needed to stop him."

The identity of the other man is unknown. Rust said she saw him drive off after the fight.

"It shouldn't have been that serious. There's no gas crisis," said Rust. "It's not worth fighting over this."

Dallas Police were called to the scene, but they say no arrests were made.

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