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Fort Worth police release footage from chase, officer-involved shooting of domestic violence suspect

Fort Worth police release footage of chase, shooting caught on camera
Fort Worth police release footage of chase, shooting caught on camera 01:13

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — Police have released video showing what led up to the moment when officers opened fire on a man in west Fort Worth on Wednesday, June 29.

Footage shows the driver of a pickup hitting a Fort Worth police cruiser blocking off a street. Officers tried to get Alejandro Molina Cornelio, 31, to stop, but he never did.

Just minutes earlier, Fort Worth police said that they received a 911 call from Cornelio's sister, who said that her brother had a gun, broke into her home, and tried to get away with several children.

"Oh my gosh, he's at the door, he's trying to break the door down, oh my gosh oh my gosh, oh my gosh," Cornelio's sister said on the call. "He's inside," she said as she screamed. "Ma'am I'm pregnant, I have a one year old, oh my gosh."

Officers quickly responded to the scene and were told by witnesses that Cornelio had pointed his gun at several people inside the home before he tried to flee the area. Cornelio was ultimately unable to get away with any of the children.

An officer found Cornelio's truck and tried to make a traffic stop, but Cornelio sped off and led officers on a nine minute chase. 

While evading police, Cornelio apparently made multiple phone calls to family members at the residence. In these calls, he threatened to kill his wife and commit suicide and told them he was on his way back to the location.

Officers on scene had been working to relocate victims, but once it became clear that Cornelio was driving back towards the residence, officers decided to have the victims shelter in place and secure the location outside.

Police at the scene moved their vehicles to block off the street, but Cornelio tried to drive through the blockade. Another officer rammed into Cornelio's truck to try and get him to stop, but Cornelio kept trying to keep going forward and police opened fire.

After the shooting, police said, officers provided emergency medical treatment to the suspect before he was taken to a local hospital. Nobody else was injured during the incident.

Cornelio was charged with three counts of aggravated assault and remains at the hospital in critical condition.

You can watch the full video, which may contain disturbing content, below:

Officer Involved Shooting - June 29, 2022 - Overview by InsideFWPD on YouTube
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