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Fort Worth non-profit teaches car maintenance skills to empower young women

Teaching girls the basics of car care
Teaching girls the basics of car care 01:44

FORT WORTH — In the parking lot of Girls Inc., young women are learning the basics of car maintenance. 

Luciana Angarita, a student at Cristo Rey Fort Worth College Prep, is a new driver.  

"I got it like two months ago and I was so excited about it," said Angarita about her car.

Statistics from say 88% of men have jump-started a car before, but only 65% of women have. Less than half of women say they have changed a tire. 

Girls Inc. hopes to change that by teaching young women basic skills, like changing a tire or checking the air pressure.

"It was actually way simpler than I thought it would be,"  said Angarita. "First you loosen the screws and then you level up the car." 

Emmanuela Amajor, a student at North Crowley High School, explained what she's learned about checking the tire pressure.

"You wouldn't want it too low, you want it just right, like Goldilocks," Amajor said.

The program hopes to empower young women like Angarita and Amajor.

"From a young age my mom taught me whatever a guy can do you, you can too because you have hands too," said Amajor.

With their newly acquired knowledge, these girls will be better prepared for the road ahead.

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