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Doctor debunks common myths about the flu and other illnesses

Busting myths you may have heard about the flu and cold
Busting myths you may have heard about the flu and cold 02:14

NORTH TEXAS — Flu cases are increasing across the metroplex right now for both adults and kids, according to the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council.

Children's Health saw a 20 percent jump in cases systemwide just last week.

In the middle of winter virus season, CBS News Texas wanted to bust some of the most common myths about the flu and other common illnesses this time of year.

Myth #1: The flu shot can give you the flu.

"False," said Dr. Carlos Galindo with Texas Health Family Care. 

"It can't in and of itself cause an illness. You may have a little fatigue or malaise afterward because your body is forming those antibodies – and this goes for the COVID vaccine as well – but the administration of the vaccine, for flu or COVID, does not cause those illnesses."

Myth #2: Chicken noodle soup can cure a cold or the flu.

"False," Dr. Galindo said. 

"But, chicken noodle soup can be helpful. There was a study done that showed that warm liquids – i.e. chicken noodle soup – can help break up mucus within the chest. "

Myth #3: Going outside with wet hair in the winter will cause you to catch a cold.

"False," said Dr. Galindo. 

"There's nothing innate about cold weather that makes you more likely to become ill. It's the viruses, or exposure to them, that causes illness."

Myth #4: Antibiotics can treat the common cold.

"False," he said.

Dr. Galindo recommends getting rest and staying hydrated to help your body fight off viruses.

"But when symptoms are persistent – if they persist past 10 days, you get a raging fever, symptoms get better then get worse – then I start to wonder if we're dealing with a bacterial sinus infection, where antibiotics can be helpful," said Dr. Galindo.

He says prevention is key, and it goes back to the basics like washing your hands and staying home when you're sick.

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