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Denton City Council ignores marijuana proposition passed over 6 months ago

Denton City Council ignores proposition passed to decriminalize marijuana
Denton City Council ignores proposition passed to decriminalize marijuana 02:17

DENTON ( - Over six months ago, Denton voters passed a proposition that would put an end to arrests and citations for certain marijuana possession cases. Tonight, the Denton City Council chose to ignore the will of the voters.

On Tuesday night, the city council finally faced a vote that would address marijuana possession in relation to the investigation of felony-level narcotics cases designated as high-priority or involving violence.

More than 30 people spoke before the vote including several Denton police officers who say marijuana possession cases lead to searches which helps combat illegal guns and gang activity. 

But supporters of marijuana use say it's harmless and that there are legitimate and therapeutic applications for both clinical conditions and stresses of modern life.

Ultimately, the council voted 4-3 against adopting the ordinance that would have decriminalized marijuana in Denton. The Mayor insisted that police officers still have the discretion not to cite or arrest for marijuana possession but advocates want more assurance they won't be prosecuted.

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