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Decorating for the holidays? Remember these safety tips

Remember these safety tips when decorating for the holidays
Remember these safety tips when decorating for the holidays 02:19

DALLAS (CBS News Texas) – The nice weekend weather, coupled with the start of December, may have many people in the spirit to decorate for the holidays. 

While it's a fun time for many families, it's also a time to be cognizant of the hazards that may occur when you are decorating your house or apartment. 

Dallas Fire Rescue said they respond to more calls where holiday decorating has gone wrong. 

Some advice they shared with CBS News Texas is to check your older lights as some of the cords could be frayed. 

Also, don't overload your outlets. Don't plug in everything into one outlet, instead use an extension cord or surge protectors but even those can heat up so don't place them near carpet. 

When putting up lights outside of your house, make sure to wear slip-resistant shoes and make sure someone is with you holding the ladder.

"Do these types of things with someone else so they can be your lookout, they can be your guide, help you hold the ladder and use one of proper height and just make sure you use it towards manufacturers' directions," said DFR Captain Anthony Jacobs.

If you have a space heater or lit candles, keep them away from things that couple catch fire such as drapes, curtains or your tree. 

If you have a real tree in your home, make sure it's watered. 

DFR recommends you cut the first two inches off the bottom of the tree and make sure to soak it in water so it doesn't dry out. 

"What we have to remember is that once that tree is cut, it's beginning to die and that just means it's good kindling that you're brining into your home and then we want to wrap it with lights and overload our circuits and so we have to be careful when we're dealing with electricity and live Christmas trees, never leave them unattended," said Jacobs. 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, last holiday season, 14,800 people were treated in hospital emergency departments due to holiday decorating-related injuries. 

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