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A day in the life of a MedStar rookie

A day in the life of a rookie MedStar EMT
A day in the life of a rookie MedStar EMT 02:02

FORT WORTH – A day in the life of a rookie medic working on a MedStar ambulance in Fort Worth is unpredictable and usually high paced. 

CBS News Texas had the opportunity to shadow 27-year-old Rachel Samuelson of Fort Worth to get a first hand look at what a typical day for her looks like working as an EMT for MedStar.

Samuelson who has been on the job for about six months now said she became an EMT following a near death battle with viral meningitis. She tells us she vowed to pursue a career helping others as a way of showing her gratitude for being given a second chance at life. 

Samuelson said, "I really thought I wasn't going to make it. I actually had just gotten engaged to my now husband two months prior to that, and I promised myself that if I got out of the hospital I would dedicate my life to serving others, and that I would do something meaningful."

She added, "I think about it, and I was given a second chance and I know I am doing that for someone else at that point."

MedStar officials say they are always recruiting for new hires, and they encourage anyone who is interested in a career with them to reach out. 

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