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Dallas woman to be laid to rest in deep space

Dallas woman to be laid to rest in deep space
Dallas woman to be laid to rest in deep space 02:25

DALLAS - When a loved one dies, some choose to honor them with a memorial service. 

Some choose lots of flowers and a meal. 

While others choose to send them to space. It's unconventional and unique. 

This is exactly how Plano resident, Dr. Terry Howard-Hughes describes her mother, Angela Burke. 

"She always had such a fascination with deep space. She loved time, she loved space," Howard-Hughes said. 

Her mother Angela's remains will be on board a Celestis flight called the "Enterprise," launching out of Cape Canaveral on Monday, January 8. 

Colby Youngblood, President of Celestis Inc. says it couldn't be a more meaningful way to honor your loved one.

"It means a lot to these families," Youngblood said. "We don't scatter like a lot of folks think we do. Your loved ones' ashes are safely contained in a flight capsule."

Celestis has four different types of missions, somewhere ashes do return home...while others are left to wander for eternity. 

The flight Burke is on will stay forever in the Cosmos. 

"When someone has a desire when they pass, to be able to fulfill those wishes, is very healing to the family," Howard-Hughes said. 

If you are interested, this trip is already full, but other trips depart in 2024. 

You can also send what Celestis calls "mind files" to space, which are documents filled with any writing, poems, drawings, etc. that you desire. The cost is $20. 

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