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Dallas' own Scottie Scheffler is now a two-time winner of the Masters

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DALLAS — Anyone who knows the 2014 Highland Park High School graduate has the same refrain: Scottie Scheffler's meteoric rise as a professional golfer hasn't changed him as a person. He's the guy who swings by his local tavern after winning the Masters, still donning his green jacket. 

Randy Allen, athletic coordinator and head football coach for Highland Park High School watched his star rise over the last decade. 

"I met him on the golf course and at the basketball gym," Coach Allen said.  "Scottie's a very humble guy. Wonderful personality and a great representative for Highland Park and for Dallas."

 Scheffler won individual state golf titles three years in a row in high school. Coach Allen remembers watching him play.

"You know they're good in high school, but you have no idea how they compare with the rest of the competition in the world when they get to that big stage in the pros," he said.  "But, man Scottie, he's had great poise and he's been at his best in those big tournaments, so he's really impressive."

He said he texted Scheffler to congratulate him after both of his Masters wins. And he's looking forward to watching him thrive in his next role: soon-to-be Dad with his wife, Meredith, also a Highland Park graduate.

"He doesn't talk about himself, and his wife is a great person as well," he said.  "I think about humility, and I think about integrity. I think about performance under pressure. I think about perseverance. Those are all qualities I think that Scottie has."

He said Scheffler is also an incredible role model for kids everywhere, but he takes special pride in claiming him as Highland Park's own.

"Just proud to be at Highland Park and know that he's the kind of athlete that we produce and kind of student that we produce." 

Scheffler is one of a list of notable athlete alums from Highland Park. Matthew Stafford, Clayton Kershaw, and Chris Young are also graduates. 

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