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Dallas ISD stakeholders leave town hall meeting with no answers

Students, parents concerned, scared after shooting at Wilmer-Hutchins High School
Students, parents concerned, scared after shooting at Wilmer-Hutchins High School 03:03

DALLAS — A town hall to talk about gun violence following a shooting at Wilmer-Hutchins High School brought together a room filled with frustration. By the meeting's end, there were no solutions.

Dallas Independent School District Board of Trustee Maxie Johnson hosted the two-hour session at his church, New Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church.

Johnson said he had spoken to the student-athlete who got shot in the leg on Tuesday.

"I was able to speak with the mother of that child, and I was able to speak with that child. I went to his house," Johnson said. "And I apologized to her for allowing that to take place."

Concerned parents, students, alumni, and community leaders vented about the state of school security at DISD.

Retired bus driver Anthony Peterson said part of his route used to take him to Wilmer Hutch High. He said there is a connection between what happens on the bus and what happens in the school.

The retiree said he has grandchildren in the system and is concerned. Peterson said a meeting of the minds may solve the problem.

"Getting a gun is just like getting a fork or spoon out of the kitchen drawer," he said. "It's not that difficult anymore in our community to pick up a gun."

Peterson asked how many guns get into the system each year.

Speeches about problematic funding from the state to adequately ensure school safety fell square at Governor Greg Abbott's office.

However, questions about the security at DISD brought the issue of the shooting at WHHS brought the problem back to Dallas. Sha Brewer is an active Alumna of the school.

"We all know that we failed. We know that," Brewer said. "And so the question going forward is what are we going to do to fix this problem?"

Another inquiry: were all the metal detectors at the school working on Friday another inquiry?

Former student Tobi Collins turned to DISD officials in the audience, taking down the concerns with a fiery outburst.

"I went to Hutch. I was scared for my life every day. Everyday," Collins said. "Every day until I graduated and I walked across the stage."

Are backpacks getting checked thoroughly and consistently? It was another question that went unanswered.

DISD officials said they came as a courtesy and would not answer the audience members' questions at the town hall. The officials did not offer a timeline for getting back to the concerns

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