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Coppell adds Narcan, bleed control kits to AED boxes around city

On Your Corner. In Your Corner: Coppell makes life-saving additions to city buildings, parks
On Your Corner. In Your Corner: Coppell makes life-saving additions to city buildings, parks 02:22

COPPELL ( - A North Texas city is adding more life-saving tools to its AED boxes to address other emergencies, such as mass shootings and drug overdoses. 

Caroline Vandergriff/CBSNewsTexas

The City of Coppell recently put bleed control kits and Narcan mist in 19 different AED boxes around the city. 

"There's no lock on our AED units," said Michael McDowell, division chief of support services with the Coppell Fire Department. "We want them to be ready to go at all times." 

The bleed control kit can be used to prevent further blood loss from a traumatic injury, like a gunshot wound, while naloxone is a medication that rapidly reverses the effect of an opioid overdose. 

"We've just decided to take an all-hazards approach to all emergencies in Coppell, which includes drug overdoses," McDowell said. "With the trends rising across the state of Texas, we've decided to be proactive in getting those units out to the public." 

McDowell believes Coppell is one of the first cities in North Texas to stock Narcan in its AED boxes. 

"I do know the cities surrounding us are having the same conversations and considering doing a similar thing to what we're doing," he said. 

The move comes as the opioid crisis continues to take a deadly toll, especially with many drugs being laced with fentanyl. According to the state, five Texans die every day, on average, from fentanyl poisoning. 

"Narcan is a medication we have ready to use at any time," McDowell said. "When we've used it in the past, it's gone to work really quickly and we're able to see a positive result rapidly." 

The city is in the process of training all of its staff on how to use the bleed control kits and deliver Narcan doses. There are also instructions attached to every box of medication. 

"It's important to us to be prepared," said McDowell. "We hope these never get used, but if they're needed, they could save a life one day." 

People can download a free app called PulsePoint to help locate the nearest AED box if they're ever in an emergency. 

The updated AED kits in Coppell are at the following locations: 

  • Town Center (1) 
  • Town Center Annex, 265 Parkway (1) 
  • Justice Center (1) 
  • Cozby Library & Community Commons (1) 
  • Biodiversity Education Center (1) 
  • Life Safety Park (1) 
  • Service Center (1) 
  • Coppell Arts Center (1) 
  • Senior & Community Center (3) 
  • The CORE (4) 
  • Wagon Wheel Tennis and Pickleball Center (1) 
  • Andrew Brown West Softball/Baseball Field (1) 
  • Andrew Brown West Soccer Concessions (1) 
  • Wagon Wheel Softball/Baseball Concessions (1) 
  • Wagon Wheel Soccer Concessions (1) 
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