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Convoy heading to Eagle Pass to rally against migrant influx, Biden border handling

Convoy heads to the Texas border
Convoy heads to the Texas border 01:43

TEXAS- The "Take Our Border Back Convoy" posted videos on social media showing they have started rolling from different U.S. cities in Northern Virginia and Northern Florida on their way to Eagle Pass, Texas.

They're headed to the border town to stand in solidarity with Texas leadership and its efforts to secure the southern border from unprecedented levels of illegal immigration.

Convoy leaders said the Biden administration needs to do more to fix the problem, and they are hoping to get Washington's attention with a rally in Eagle Pass on Saturday afternoon.

Now, the League of United Latin American Citizens or LULAC is issuing an alert claiming participants of the convoy may become violent towards immigrant communities and its members.

LULAC National President Domingo Garcia spoke about his concerns.

"We know that many of them are armed," Garcia said. "And many of them have extremist views, especially in terms of the fear-mongering and scapegoating of immigrants and Hispanics."

North Texas Congressman Keith Self, who has aligned with the truckers, vehemently denied LULAC's characterization of the convoy and its participants.

Self said, "That is ridiculous hyperbole. That is (a)projection on to conservatives by the progressive left. We saw BLM and ANTIFA burning cities several summers ago. That's projection on to us."

According to the congressman, LEXIT, the Latino Exit from the Democrat Party will participate in this convoy and rally. He said they are the most significant Latino conservative movement in the nation.

Self is planning to be at Saturday's rally. He said the convoy is expected to grow as it travels through different parts of the country on its way down to Eagle Pass.

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