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Construction, lawn service workers brave the summer heat

Construction, lawn service workers brave the summer heat
Construction, lawn service workers brave the summer heat 01:56

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) -  This has been a week of extreme heat in North Texas and when you ask most people how they deal with it, they said they stay inside but not everyone has that option. 

CBS 11 spoke with people who work outside in these temperatures.

Shade is the way on a hot day.

"I was like okay, a full week of hundreds I went on ahead and got all the water, and stuff that I needed," Edwards Lawn Service Owner, Patrick Edwards said. "Went to the grocery store, got a bunch of fruit, gotta have my fruit that's where I get a lot of my hydration from."

Edwards is doing his best not to cut corners with his weed-eater and beat the heat.

"We try to get it as quick and as efficient as possible," Edwards said.

CBS 11 asked him what he's doing to cope with the heat. 

"Staying hydrated, I remind myself not to work too hard."

This is something he can rush through, they had about 15 clients to work for Thursday and tried to start as early as possible while it's still a little cooler.

His lawn service quickly made adjustments when they realized it was going to be hotter than usual. 

"Staying in the shade, when I can find it and being hydrated are the key things for us," Edwards said. 

Landscaping isn't the only job keeping people out in the heat, some construction workers were also spotted out and said they have a long shift ahead of them.  

"It's been really, really hot, every hour we take a 10 minute break. We just keep drinking a lot of water," construction worker, Victor Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez is doing what he can to stay cool while wearing all the gear he needs to, he's working on pavement for service roads. 

"Long sleeve shirts, right now the company provides this for our head, keeps us fresh and just soft material shirts and clothes," Victor Rodriguez said. 

He said he will be out until the early morning hours working. Overall everyone said they're nervous about how long this heat will last. 

"Next month should be way hotter than this month," Rodriguez said. "So yeah, pretty nervous about that."

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