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As gas prices increase, so are electric car sales

Gas prices are rising and so are electric car sales
Gas prices are rising and so are electric car sales 02:17

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) -  As we see the prices at the gas pump continue to break record, there's a conversation about whether an electric car makes sense financially.

Meanwhile, as the prices increase, AAA said they've seen electric car sales increase too. Experts warn that electric cars may not be for everyone though.

"We already have a Tesla and I like being free of it, free of the gas can and everything," driver, Joe Paul said. 

Paul just brought his second electric vehicle four days ago. He said instead of spending extra money on gas he put his money towards another car. 

"I feel a lot better about it," Paul said. "Even without gas prices because it frees you out from not always having to worry about what the gas prices is, going to find the gas, the best price."

Most of the time when you're trying to save money, you're not looking at buying a new car, but does that make sense right now with fuel prices? 

"Well it depends, it's going to depend for each individual," AAA Texas Spokesperson, Daniel Armbruster said. "Right now cars are very expensive with the chip shortage and the lack of inventory. So there for it's very difficult to find a good deal on a car right now whether it's electric or gas powered."

Armbruster said you should ask yourself a few questions before moving forward with this purchase. 

Questions like:

  • What are you using the vehicle for?
  • How much are you driving?
  • Are you driving long distance? 
  • If you're driving long distances are there charging stations along the way? 

"You want to take your time, make sure you understand the differences," Armbruster said. "You can go to the energy departments website and figure out the e gallon price for your area or your state and they can also calculate what your cost will be."

Paul said he can't say if someone should make the switch it depends on each individual. He said one thing he didn't think about is the amount of charging stations, he said there aren't enough fast charging stations in the Metroplex. 

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