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Anna ISD students begin 4-day school week

Anna ISD students begin 4-day school week
Anna ISD students begin 4-day school week 02:43

ANNA ( – Teachers and students in the Anna Independent School District will be hearing the school bells less often this year.

The district, about 40 miles northeast of Dallas, will hold class Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, daycare assistance for grade school students is available for $45. 

Anna High School Principal Jared Miller and his district spent two years planning this change. Each school day will extend 45 minutes. 

"It really is what's best," Miller said. "You get that and you have a three day weekend and our teachers are mentally prepared for Monday morning. They're a little bit fresher and same with students." 

Miller says they're already seeing the benefits. Since the switch, they've had an increased amount of applications from more experienced teachers wanting a new schedule. 

Glenn Price is a theater teacher at AHS who left his previous school district three years ago because of burnout and says the shorter work week changes the game.

"Teachers spend a lot of time not only raising their own kids but raising other peoples kids," Price said. "[The new schedule] allows us to take a break and really remember why we love what we do."

By giving Fridays back to students and staff, Miller believes this will not only improve test scores and grades but also do wonders for everyone's mental health.

While many seem to enjoy the change, others are voicing concern. State Senator Donna Campbell proposed a bill to block medium and large districts over fears it could have a negative impact on families forced to find child care and on students already behind due to the pandemic. 

The bill stalled in the house and did not become law. 

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