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Allyson Felix introduces nursery for athlete moms at Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

Allyson Felix on Olympic partnership
Allyson Felix introduces first-ever nursery in Olympic village 05:12

Allyson Felix, the most decorated track and field athlete in history, understands the challenges athlete moms face. The retired sprinter and mother of two is advocating for Olympic moms, leveraging her experience to provide them with better support during the upcoming Paris Olympics.

Felix, who holds a record 20 World Championship medals and 11 Olympic medals, including seven golds, has teamed up with Pampers to create the first-ever Pampers Nursery in the Athletes Village at the Paris Olympics. This nursery will offer a space for Olympic moms to bond with, nurse and play with their babies, helping to alleviate some of the pressures of competition.

"I just knew how difficult it was to compete at the top level after I had my daughter, and some practical things were really hard. And so when I joined the Athletes Commission of the IOC, I really wanted to be that voice for athlete moms, and just take away one less thing for them to worry about in the pressure of competition," said Felix.

The Pampers Nursery will be located in the heart of the Athlete Village Plaza, where athletes live during the games. It will be a place where athletes can step away and have private time with their babies, Felix said.

"I think it really tells women that you can choose motherhood and also be at the top of your game and not have to miss a beat," said Felix.

A grant from Melinda French Gates

Felix also shared her excitement about a $20 million grant from Melinda French Gates to support Black maternal health. Upon learning about the grant, Felix said she was initially shocked and deeply humbled, especially after hearing that French Gates had been following her advocacy efforts. 

"I'm so humbled to receive it, and I'm excited to put the money to good work," said Felix.

A new role at the Olympics

Felix will be attending the Paris Olympics, but in a new capacity. She says she feels a mix of emotions as she prepares for her first Olympics in two decades without competing. There's a bit of loss and grief, Felix said, but also excitement for this new chapter. 

"I'm bringing my whole family, and we will be able to take in the games and watch them with a lot less nerves. So I'm looking forward to that as well," she said.

For first-time Olympians, Felix offered simple advice.

"Embrace it. This is a moment that does not come around, it's not guaranteed. You have so much pride to represent your country and just really to take it all in and give it your absolute best."

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