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Air conditioning repair companies prepare for upcoming heat

Top Stories in Dallas - Fort Worth, June 9
Top Stories in Dallas - Fort Worth, June 9 02:26

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - As North Texans brace for the return of dangerously hot weather, A/C repair companies are preparing as well: some are even bringing in extra staff for what's sure to be some busy days.  

"The calls are just flooding in... everybody's calling in right now," says Juan Pineda, a veteran repair technician with Levy & Son. "People start panicking when it gets about 100 degrees." 

Pineda is already busy, but he's bracing for more. 

"This is the calm before the storm," adds the 28-year veteran with a chuckle as he begins to diagnose a unit that's no longer cooling, "And I think the storm is going to happen this weekend." 

With that bit of daunting repair forecasting, Mary Powell is relieved that her A/C broke before the rush. 

"It was very warm," Powell said. "And the fan just kept going and going."   

Pineda says a little preventative maintenance, like changing out the air filters, can add years to the life of the unit. 

"Number one question I always ask when I go to a customer's house is when was the last time that air filter was changed? And they give me the deer in the headlight look, they don't know when and that usually triggers the reason why the system is not operating correctly," Pineda said.

And don't forget the outdoor upkeep on the condenser. 

"It's a simple as getting your water hose," explains Pineda. "Start at the bottom, work your way up. It will make a huge difference on your A/C and your electric bill, too. You'll be surprised at how much you'll save." 

Some other suggestions for avoiding A/C problems: 

  • Listen for unusual sounds--indoors and out.  A unit that's running loudly, or a buzzing noise near the unit are warning signs. 
  • Remember to Check/Change Thermostat Batteries  
  • Vinegar or Bleach will help keep Drain Lines Clear 
  • Invest in Maintenance Plan if you know you'll ignore even the best of advice. 

After all, Pineda says there's a reason that A/C units never fail when it's convenient. 

"A/C systems don't have a conscience," he warns with a laugh, "they'll go out on the worst day of the year!" 

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